Meet ReRe Corcoran

ReRe Corcoran, designer of ReRe Jewelry, finds inspiration in real life and through her passion for dynamic colors, remarkable textures, and intricate patterns. Motivated by the authenticity and intersection of character, art, and culture, her jewelry reflects both beauty and strength.t

ReRe has always been drawn to progressive patterns and colors, both while studying art at Boston College, and later while pursuing a career in fashion. She developed a talent for discovering cool and uncommon jewelry and accessories. Then ReRe designed her first piece for herself, and soon after, she created her first collection. ReRe quickly acquired a following, as others fell in love with the unique and fresh nature of her designs.

While her collection grew, ReRe continued to focus on shape and form. Captivated by the dimension and depth of the hexagon, she reflected on the shape’s symbolism. Historically, the hexagon was thought to be one of the most sacred and powerful shapes. In nature, it is considered the ultimate in perfection and function. The strength of the hexagon is found in its harmony, balance, and spirituality. Fascinated by the hexagon’s ability to capture one’s personality, ReRe applied these details to her designs.

“What is important to me, as a designer, is that my collections have universal appeal. Jewelry is an accessory, not a necessity. It’s decorative—to many, a token of love; to others, a coveted talisman. Each piece symbolizes something special and unique to the individual. My pieces can be worn alone or worn together for a layered look, creating an individual style”

ReRe has designed three 18kt gold collections - all with her signature hexagon design. The Hex Collection signifies strength, individuality, and versatility. The Defi Collection utilizes the hexagon design in a dramatic way with floating elements. The Code Collection mixes ReRe’s signature design with 18kt gold and gemstone beads, creating intricate patterns.